ICON White Spot Treatment in Tampa, Florida

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Even at a young age, it can be frustrating to not have traditionally beautiful teeth. If your child has white spots on their teeth, our dentists and team can help. Dr. Robyn Lesser, Dr. Donna Nichols and Dr. Ashley Tate offer ICON white spot treatment in Tampa, Florida, to help your child improve the aesthetic of their teeth. Call Smile Builders Pediatric Dentistry at 813-880-0100 if you are interested in setting up this treatment for your child.

Many people ask our dentists and team what causes white spots on the teeth. There are many reasons why your child may have white spots, including:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Fluorosis
  • Consumption of acidic foods

Although teeth whitening can treat staining of the teeth, white spots can be difficult to remove and cannot be removed through bleaching.

At Smile Builders Pediatric Dentistry, our team uses ICON to reduce white spots through resin infiltration. The resin penetrates the demineralized enamel, fading the appearance of white spots. It matches the natural tooth color and can help your child achieve a natural look. The process of the treatment is rather simple and can be performed in sessions that take between 45 and 60 minutes.

During treatment, we will clean and dry the teeth before applying the resin to the teeth. The resin material will soak on the teeth for several minutes and then will be removed. We will then place the resin material onto the tooth again, where it will soak on the tooth before being cured and polished.

It is affordable, minimally invasive and a natural solution that can help your child feel more comfortable in their smile without using adult treatments like dental veneers. Although the results can be long lasting, ICON white spot removal is not a permanent solution. Much like teeth whitening treatments, your child may require follow-up appointments.

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