Silver Diamine Fluoride in Tampa, Florida

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At Smile Builders Pediatric Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing our young patients with gentle, minimally invasive and conservative care. If your child has a damaged smile, our dentists, Dr. Robyn Lesser, Dr. Donna Nichols and Dr. Ashley Tate, may recommend that your child get a silver diamine fluoride treatment in Tampa, Florida. This treatment is safe to use and is an effective way of minimizing the amount of restorative treatment that is needed. Call 813-880-0100 if you would like to arrange this treatment for your child.

Silver diamine fluoride is an FDA-approved antibiotic liquid that controls and halts dental cavities, which are also called dental caries. The treatment prevents the progression of tooth decay and is also a useful tool to treat extreme tooth sensitivity. Made from silver and fluoride to create a powerful combination, the silver is antimicrobial and strengthens the underlying layers of the teeth. Fluoride halts tooth decay, remineralizes tooth enamel and prevents further damage from occurring.

This treatment is recommended for:

  • Children who have severe cavities
  • Children who have difficulty cooperating with treatment
  • Special needs patients
  • Children with carious lesions that cannot be treated in one visit

The benefits of silver diamine fluoride include:

  • Quick and painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Minimizes restorative treatments that would be needed later
  • Eliminates harmful pathogens
  • Prevents progression of cavities
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Hardens dentin, making it more resistant to acid and abrasion
  • Stain-free treatment

If you are interested in the benefits of having your child get a silver diamine fluoride treatment, call our office today.

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